How to Choose Your Orthodontist

Many of our new patients who visit us have already seen at least one or two other Orthodontists for opinions. Visiting a few offices to get a few opinions and get a feel for the office environment can be helpful in determining the best fit for you or your family member. On the other hand, different opinions can also create confusion over which office to go with. So, how does one decide?
  1.  Board Certification: Orthodontists who are Board Certified must complete additional testing and credentialing to attain Diplomate status. Currently, the American Board of Orthodontics does not recognize the term ‘Board Eligible”. Is your Orthodontist a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics? Dr. Cheung is a Board Certified Orthodontist. Verify your Orthodontist’s Board Certification Status here:
  2. Treatment Plan Offered by the Orthodontist: At Orthodontic Harmony, Dr. Cheung will complete a clinical and radiographic examination of you and/or your family member, review her diagnosis with you and recommend options for treatment. Dr. Cheung will review with you the treatment length and the recommended frequency for visits. She will show you similar cases that she has completed so that you can anticipate the final result. Seeing before and after photos will also help you to understand the depth of your Orthodontist’s experience with his or her recommended techniques.
  3. Office Staff: Your experience with an office begins from the time that you call to schedule your first appointment with us. If your call is not answered immediately, is your call returned in a timely manner? Are you offered appointment times that are within a week of your call and are those times convenient?
  4. Office Environment: Do you prefer a large practice with minimal Doctor interaction, or do you prefer a more intimate office where there the Doctor is readily available do address any questions you may have?
  5. Office Location: You should be visiting with your Orthodontist regularly as you progress through your treatment. Plan on being able to see your Orthodontist every 4-6 weeks, or as recommended. Our office is easily reached via 9A (Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway), 100 (Saw Mill River Rd) and the Taconic Parkway.
  6. Office Hours: Orthodontic Harmony is open on Weekdays and on Saturday. We have after-work and after-school appointments for your convenience.

We hope that these tips help to guide your decision. Give us a call at 914-923-5089 to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to meeting you!

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