Orthodontics involves more than just straightening teeth. Specially trained orthodontists, rather than general dentists, understand the complexity of growth development and facial form. Treatment plans include issues related to the jaw and bite, not just movement of teeth, which is why you want to receive care from someone trained in this specific type of dentistry.

There is a reason orthodontists go through additional years of highly competitive orthodontic school – to learn and perfect their ability in the specialty. A general dentist is ideal for providing regular oral health checkups, comparable to your family physician. Many general dentists offer orthodontic treatment plans, but have not been formally trained or educated in the area.

A board certified Orthodontist in Briarcliff Manor, New York is committed to the highest level of patient care including a comprehensive treatment approach to ensure quality work. Additionally, board certified orthodontists must renew their certification every 10 years to demonstrate their continuous commitment to excellence.

Beyond offering the expertise of Dr. Cheung, Orthodontic Harmony also provides patients with the benefits that come from using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment. This helps patients to remain comfortable while experiencing comprehensive and progressive care through efficient and effective treatment.

Orthodontic Harmony utilizes paperless records and digital radiography, which results in only 10% of the exposure found in traditional radiographs. The practice is known for its impeccable quality and service, so much so that patients actually look forward to their next appointment.

Patients of all ages feel confident in Dr. Cheung’s work, knowing that every single aspect of Orthodontic Harmony, from the technology to the equipment to the service, is working together to ensure a consistently pleasant experience throughout treatment.

At Orthodontic Harmony, patients’ treatment is tailored directly to their unique needs and requests, setting them on the path to achieving their best smile. Dr. Cheung and Orthodontic Harmony are proud to offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment, from braces to clear aligners to collaborating with an oral surgeon to complete orthognathic surgery cases.

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