Once in a while, we get questions such as the following: “Is orthodontic treatment necessary?”, “What will happen if I do not get treatment?” or, “Is it possible that as my child grows, the bite will improve on its own?” We also hear, “Is orthodontic treatment just cosmetic?”

Undergoing orthodontic treatment results in improvement of overall oral health. While there are obvious cosmetic benefits to having straight teeth, we cannot overstate all the preventive, long-term benefits that go along with successful orthodontic treatment:

  1. Orthodontic treatment positions your jaws and teeth into an ideal position to optimize form and function. Orthodontic treatment is much more than just a path to straighter teeth — successful completion of treatment results in your upper and lower teeth fitting together better, which leads to more effective chewing ability and a reduction in wear and tear of your teeth. Have you ever noticed severe wear and shortening of the front teeth? This can be due to the upper and lower teeth not fitting together in an ideal way.
  2. When teeth are in a crowded position, they can be extremely difficult to clean because floss does not fit between the tooth contacts. Patients will often complain about their inability to floss through the contact or the floss shredding between their teeth. When this happens, food and bacteria cannot be properly cleared from around the teeth. Over time, this can lead to gingivitis, which can lead to periodontitis, also known as bone loss.
  3. Are you thinking about getting implants or veneers? Pre-restorative orthodontic treatment can improve the position of your teeth such that your general/cosmetic dentist can provide you with better restorations. How are the restorations better? Because your teeth will be ideally positioned, your dentist can 1) perform more conservative care and 2) your final outcome as far as esthetics, tooth and gum health will be vastly improved.

As you can see, orthodontic treatment provides long-term benefits and long-lasting results. Call us at 914-923-5089 to schedule your consultation and find out how orthodontic treatment can help you.

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