The 5 Ways You Can Benefit from Clear Braces

Many of our patients seek an esthetic alternative to metal braces. Although some of our patients opt for clear aligners, some of our patients prefer an attractive and non-removable option. Have you ever heard of clear braces? They are beautiful and just as effective as metal braces.

Here are Five Reasons clear braces are popular:

1) Clear Braces Look Great: Our clear braces are transparent, so they blend in with your teeth beautifully. You won’t have to make any esthetic compromises during the process of getting perfectly-aligned teeth.

2) Enhanced Oral Health: When your teeth are nearly perfectly aligned, you’ll be able to have great looking teeth that are easy to care for. The main reason for this is that plague and tartar are much less likely to adhere to straight teeth. Crooked teeth have lots of hiding places for plaque and tartar to settle, which increases your likelihood of having gum disease and cavities. For the same reasons, straight teeth are also much easier to floss and clean.

3) A Discrete Journey to Straighter Teeth: Clear braces blend in nicely with your teeth because they are transparent and are barely noticeable in photographs.

4) Traumatic Wear No More: When your bite is off, your enamel can wear down. This is why individuals whose teeth do not fit together properly often complain of grinding their teeth because the bite is not in a comfortable and stable relationship.

5) The Latest Technology: In the past, clear braces were difficult to maintain and would stain easily from food coloring. The latest ceramic braces are much less prone to stains and remain crystal clear longer.

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