As the only Board Certified Orthodontist in Briarcliff Manor, New York, Dr. Cheung provides an expert level of service and treatment to all her patients. Dr. Cheung and the American Association of Orthodontics recommend a child visit an orthodontist for a consultation and initial examination around the age of seven. Early treatment, also known as interceptive treatment, is a proactive treatment option and is intended to prevent worsening conditions of the teeth or jaw.

When your child first visits Orthodontic Harmony, Dr. Cheung will determine if your child would benefit from early treatment and will discuss with you the recommended treatment plan.

Your child may benefit from early treatment if he/she:

  • Has lost their baby teeth particularly early or late
  • Has difficulty chewing, biting or swallowing
  • Continues to suck their thumb past age five
  • Has speech impediments
  • Has protruding teeth
  • Has a crossbite

Candidates for early treatment still have baby teeth and have not yet reached puberty. Children’s bones have higher plasticity and therefore can be corrected using growth modification techniques that are not possible to correct in teens and adults. Orthodontic treatment that takes place once the jawbones are fully developed may not be as easily correctable without jaw surgery.

The benefits of early treatment are plentiful. Dr. Cheung will be able to modify the growth of your child’s jaw, regulate the width of the dental arches, guide permanent teeth that have not yet erupted, reduce or eliminate speech problems, improve appearance and self-esteem, and ultimately potentially simplify and/or shorten future orthodontic treatment time.