Researching Orthodontic Treatment on the Internet

Is the Internet a reliable source of information for Orthodontic Treatment?

People use the internet every day to research anything and everything, including the topic of Orthodontic Treatment. You can “google” all types of orthodontic appliances, from the basics such as braces vs. clear aligners, palatal expanders, extraction vs non-extraction treatment, to specific symptoms associated with orthodontic tooth movement.

While there are certainly excellent answers on the internet, due to the wealth of information available, it can make it difficult for a patient to discern what is reputable and trustworthy.

Websites that have reliable and accurate information on Orthodontics include the The American Association of Orthodontists ( and The American Board of Orthodontics ( For more specific questions, we encourage you to contact your Orthodontist for answers. Our patients end up with the same result – straight teeth and a gorgeous smile, but the journey for each individual is different because treatment plans are customized for each patient. Although much of what you read on the internet may be true, it may not apply to your treatment.

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