All About Adult Orthodontics

Adult orthodontics is extremely popular nowadays. In fact, adults make up about one-third of our practice. Orthodontic technology has advanced significantly in the past decade and there are now many attractive and comfortable options for adults. Lingual braces are invisible, Invisalign is virtually invisible, and brackets are smaller and more comfortable than ever. Adult patients often ask us if it’s “too late” for orthodontic treatment. It is certainly not too late (as Dr. Cheung has patients in their 70s!), and we are able to move adult teeth gently and effectively to ensure efficient treatment.

Adults are also concerned about how orthodontic treatment will impact daily routines. For our working patients, we offer after-work and Saturday appointments. Most appointments are very quick (around 15 minutes or less) and occur only every 6 weeks. In most cases, we can also start your treatment the same day as your consultation, further respecting your busy schedule. Finally, we offer individual rooms for added comfort and privacy.

Adults have a number of options available to them, and we find that we are often able to present multiple treatment options following the consultation. Our adult patients are surprised to find out that we can achieve the same result in the same amount of time with either Invisalign or Braces (traditional, clear/ceramic or lingual). We empower our patients to make the best decision for themselves. Dr. Cheung takes a detailed approach when it comes to reviewing what will occur pre-treatment, during treatment and post-treatment, ensuring that her patients are fully informed about their care from start to finish. Dr. Cheung believes that her and her team’s educational approach sets her patients on their journeys to success. We encourage you to visit us for your orthodontic evaluation to learn about the value of the Orthodontic Harmony program. Call 914-923-5089 to schedule your appointment!

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