Adult Orthodontics

Dr. Tracy Li Cheung of Orthodontic Harmony provides progress orthodontic solutions to children, teens and adults. In fact, about one-third of her practice is adults. Although there are obvious cosmetic improvements that come with orthodontic treatment, there are many more additional health benefits, including:

• Improvement of periodontal problems
• Prevention or reduction further bone loss around teeth
• Improvement of the restorative dentist’s ability to restore missing teeth
• Improvement of tooth function
• Improvement of self-confidence and self-esteem
• Improvement of oral health

It is not uncommon for adult patients to be told by an Orthodontist that jaw surgery is needed to achieve the optimal result. Although jaw surgery can be an excellent option, Dr. Cheung utilizes special techniques with mini implants that can some times circumvent the need for jaw surgery. Her mini implant placement is an outpatient procedure where patients can have the treatment performed in the morning and can return to work the same day.

Here are some problems to look for in adults that will benefit from orthodontic treatment:

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